Rodillo auto centrador INBI

The ‘INBI’ Self-Centring Idler is designed to keep the conveyor belt permanently centred,
correcting the faults for the right working.


It consists of a steel tube, with a fixed shaft in which it is installed a ball-and-socket that allows the angular movement of the tube.

The Self-Centring Idler “INBI” is covered with rubber that keeps the idler clean in addition to provide an excellent grip. Both aspects determine the efficiency of the system.

They are protected interiorly by rubber seals to avoid the entrance of foreign objects.

Available for belts one way operation (Mod. ‘S’) and for belt two way operation (Mod. ‘R’).

They are manufactured in black rubber antiabrasive and white rubber (for food industry).


During a normal and straight belt run the Self-Centring Idler keeps itself transversely with an angle of 90º. The mass is balanced on both sides of the idler.

When the belt misaligns, the Self-Centring Idler goes in action inclining itself on the overload part, recovering in this way, the balance and correcting the belt to its natural condition.

This action repeats indefinitely thanks to the interior mechanism and the possition of the shaft with the belt, that it must be with its flat part, in an angle of 45º in any way operation.




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