Scraper/Belt Cleaner ‘INBI’ Serie-150 Model ‘P-PU’

Rascador 150 PPU

The scraper ‘INBI’ S-150 model ‘P-PU’ is a primary scraper in polyurethane.
The positioning of this scraper is in the drum on frontal way.


Rascador 150 PPU


The scraper blades are designed to work in the drum.
They are in polyurethane with a high degree of resistance to the abrasion, for their positioning in the drum, by segments of 150 mm. Hereby they can move independently. For the characteristics of the polyurethane, they adapt perfectly to the belt and can be used in belts with staples unions.

The blades can be replaced with great facility and speed, without using tools, thanks to their system of assembled in the axis.

The support of the scraper consists of an auto-pressure system (protected by a rubber case), that by a torsion spring adjustable, holds a constant pressure on the belt, as well as absorbing impacts or vibrations produced by strange agents.

The auto-pressure system is tied to the fixation structure of the scraper. It is a robust piece designed in “U” shape which has a sliding guide to facilitate the positioning of the scraper.

The supports are extensible for every side. By this way, we will be able to adapt the scraper to different widths of structure without modifications.


  • Reduce the production cost.
  • Efficient cleaning due to the adaptability of the blades.
  • Adequate pressure guaranteed in all the belt width.
  • Easy installation.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Require small installation space.
  • It adapts to the structure dues to the extensible support design.
  • Easy positioning due to the slide of the support.
  • Easy adjustment.


  • For belt width from 400 to 2000mm.
  • Primary scraper to install in the drum.
  • Suitable to belts with smooth cover.
  • Belt speed <3,5 m/s.
  • Temperature range: –20º until +70ºC (for higher temperature, consult us).
  • It can be used in belts with staples unions.
  • Available in ATEX version (explosive atmospheras).

Rascador 150 PPU


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