Quality and innovation

Rodillo Rigido

Committed to quality
Quality and continuous innovation in all our processes.

CINTROL, S.L. has a permanent commitment to QUALITY and, therefore, it established several basic principles concerning the Quality Policy.

The fulfillment of this QUALITY POLICY is required to all the personnel within the Cintrol S.L and the Direction of the company is fully committed, boosting strongly the development of the company.

The basic principles of the CINTROL’s quality policy are:


  • Providing quality service, representing an objective shared at the level of the entire organization.
  • Offering a personalized attention with the aim to identify the specific needs of our clients.
  • Maximum attention to our human resources, enhancing the personal professional development, ensuring thus their technical quality.
  • Applying new technologies, promoting our strong commitment to innovation.

A better technology and the quality of our products is the primary objective, and therefore, CINTROL works for a continuous innovation.

Quality and innovation