Rodillo Auto limpiador INBI

The characteristics of the SELF CLEANING RETURN IDLER ‘INBI’, do that it use is recommended for all kinds of facilities and especially for facilities where they could present problems with the dampness and the chemical agents:

Foundry, steel mills, mining industry, salt industry, acids, sulfates, phosphates, fertilizers, chemical products, cement industry, sugar refinery, soap factories, etc.


The exclusive design of the SELF CLEANING RETURN IDLER ‘INBI’ contributes new and innovative improvements inside its field of application.

The SELF CLEANING IDLER ‘INBI’ is composed of a metallic roller of mining industry (heavy series) with lids electro-welded, with precision bearings and labyrinth protection system. The whole length of the pipe is covered with a few pieces of anti-abrasive rubber, with a geometry specially designed for its application in conveyor belts. This exclusive characteristic gives the idler infinity of advantages, which we can include: greater adherence to the belt, waterproof, auto-cleaning of the idler and longer life of the idler.

The system of watertightness ensures that the bearings are kept protected from the pollutant agents (powder, water, dampness …).

They are made of covering:

–  Black rubber

– White rubber (for food industry)


  • Perfect adherence to the belt.
  • Great resistance to the corrosion.
  • Great resistance to the abrasion.
  • Self cleaning due to the studied geometric design of the pieces of rubber assembled in the idler.
  • It prevents the adherence of the materials to the idler, avoiding in this way, possible damages and off-center of the belt.
  • It avoids the wear of the belt.

Rodillo de retorno auto limpiador INBI

Rodillo auto limpiador INBI


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